Advice on what to do with spare pc monitor

Posted 9th Jan
Since moving to a laptop and iPad, I have 2 monitors from my old pc. Both are half decent LG flat screens and state 'Full HD Native Resolution' on them, but they both only have VGA connections - I'm not questioning how the HD bit works under vga but with the exception of connecting these to a computer, is there any other use for them or can they connected to anything useful rather than take up space eor worst case throw away.
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Why would you 'throw it away"? If you don't need them then just put them on Gumtree at a low price or donate them to a charity shop that takes electrical items (such as the British Heart Foundation Furniture & Electrical stores) so that someone else can make use of them.
VGA was driving at least 50% more pixels per second than Full HD before Full HD even became a thing. Here's an old group test of some high end CRT monitors from the days before HDTVs entered shops:…tml
Keep one, in case your laptop screen broken.

Sell or give away the other one.
You can still use one or two of them. Get VGA to HDMI adapter…9b8 and plug it into your laptop.
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Do you have security cameras, a perminent monitor for then could come in handy, do they have DVI in?
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You can still use one or two of them. Get VGA to HDMI adapter …You can still use one or two of them. Get VGA to HDMI adapter and plug it into your laptop.

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Do what I did about 6 years ago. Put in the loft, whilst you decide what to with it. And it's still there.....
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make a smart mirror, youtube has loads of vids
I put my last screen in a MAME cabinet with a Pi behind it. It was a most enjoyable project, and has only recently been superseded by my 3d printer... (I only had a small space available in the garage)
Take it to a recycling centre.
But don't dump it in the alley way next to @Bruce_Dwayne house!
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