Advice on which outstanding bottle of red wine to go for?

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Found 5th Mar 2010
I want to buy a really nice bottle of red wine but only looking to spend a tenner or so. I know nothing at all about wine - can anyone give me an idea of a good one please?

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Casillero Del Diablo - Cabernet Sauvignon (Tesco had it for about £5) ]LINK

Ravenswood - Zinfandel ]LINK



I'd go for a nice Merlot, Morrisons stock a nice one called Le Dog de Jean Marc, £8 ish'

Depends on what kind of wine you like. The best value under £10 bottle of wine available anywhere (in my opinion) has to be Wakefield Estate Shiraz. Majestic do it by the half dozen only but Oddbins have sold it as well. It is truly superb. If you are going to Tesco then try BMW Cabernet (find the oldest bottle you can on the shelf) or Tim Adams Clare Valley Shiraz (same applies, go for age) or Penfolds Kalimna Bin 28. These are all what I would call 'proper' wines and should be allowed to breathe, then decanted into a jug as they will all throw a sediment. I would not normally touch Jacob's Creek with a bargepole but their Reserve Shiraz in a good year can be very good and is on at £5 in Asda at the moment. Happy imbibing.

Amarone is really nice, can get a bottle at Tesco for a tenner


faustino mate

Waitrose are still doing Chateau Reynella Basket Pressed Shiraz reduced from £14.99 to £10.99. This wine is a huge Aussie monster.

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Well thank you for all the advice, much appreciated.
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