Advice on XFX 6870 bought from Scan

I bought an XFX RADEON HD 6870 from Scan for £178 delivered.

There are slighly cheap 6870's around but Scan offered the 6870 with a 5 year warranty as opposed to the other cards all offering 2 years. So I paid a little extra and went with XFX.

Upon receiving my card and registering it with XFX I was told that XFX OFFER NO WARRANTY IN EUROPE at all. The responsibility is witht he retailer....ok, fair enough.

Now Scan say its 2 years with them and the latter 3 years with XFX.

Firstly...are XFX as a manufacturer allowed to do this?

Secondly, the box of the card came opened at one end and ripped (at the corners like some numpty had forced it open - there was also finger indents on the inner box). Does this mean I have been sent some dodgy return or something?

Combined with the warranty issue and box situation above, do you think I should return this within my 7 days of purchase?

This card is for Christmas so I have nothing to test it on either.




i would return it for your peace of mind.

and the warranty thing unfortunetly stands as that its a weird way of doing it but least you get 5 years.

but i would send back and say box was damaged, ask to send another one or order from someone else

me too, send it back you dont have to give a reason under dsr
serves scan right for trying to scam you, i mean advertising a warrenty that the manuf won't honour??
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Original Poster

Was gonna spend nearly £700 from Scan in the next month (building new PC)...probably not going to now.

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scan are still overall cheapest, it was naughty of them to advertise the 5 year the way they did but they wernt lieing?

dont be put off by that incident as my friend bought his new rig and they were good.

if your building a new pc shop around by some parts from scan/OCUK/ebuyer.

you will save money that way. =)

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Fair Play to Scan here.

They have sorted it.

The 5 years Warranty advertised WAS AN ERROR. This has now been changed if you go to the card on their site.

They have offered full refund as well as collection.

Thanks Scan, you will be getting my huge order in the next month!

Brave of you. Last time I ordered something from Scan, it too was described "in error" on the site. Their solution was to update the item description, and then email me to say that the description clearly stated the contrary to my claims (and to the screenshot of the description as it was when I placed my order), and they refused to offer any further help.

They're a dirty bunch of cheats. Chris P, who you might have encountered, especially.
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