Advice on Xmas present please......

    Son is a Body Builder and drinks shakes.
    Thought I would get him some as a present. Unsure of other ideas,
    What is the best to buy.?
    Difference between Creatine, Whey and other proteine shakes!!


    go to…ein and buy him that..

    use code MP24989 at checkout also to get discount..


    merry Christmas

    reflex is good i always go to affordable supplements

    To be honest I have found different products work for different people, some highly regarded makes I have found to be useless but mates have seen good gains, I would recommend a voucher for your local fitness shop/gym or online store.

    That or have a sneak peak at what he is using and get him more of the same


    reflex is good i always go to affordable supplements

    Affordable Supplements is a good website! Used Monster Supplements a few times as well

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the time taken.
    Sorted mOOnie. Thankyou. xx
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