advice or recommend iphone 7 plus case/screen protector

    hi. i have brought my son a iphone 7 plus for christmas but i have been looking around for iphone 7 plus case and screen protector. so many to choose from and confused on which is best protection.

    which case and screen protector would you recommended?

    i read that some cases dont fit well with glass screen protectors. also seen glass screen protectors for £3 and others for £25.

    are the gel/hard cases or the flip wallet cases better?

    thanks in advance :-)


    Will you be my parent please?

    It depends on how clumsy he is and whether or not you don't mind a big clunky case. If you want the best protection, then have a look at the Otterbox range, they're not cheap, but they will do a good job of protecting it. The official Apple leather cases are pretty nice as well, I've got one on my 6S and it's taken a fair few knocks. I've dropped the phone a couple of times and there's been no damage to the phone. They're also not cheap though.

    If you want a slimline one that just stops it getting scratched, then go have a look round Carphone Warehouse or similar and then find it on Amazon or in the interweb for less, they offer a lot less protection, but the phone looks better.

    I've just backed this…ion which look really nice and they're not too expensive either

    I bought the sup case unicorn pro case. It was only £17…ZRO

    Survived a 40ft drop test on YouTube, and I think it's great. I can really relax about dropping my phone and it's not as thick as the otter box defender!

    Where did you bring it to?
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