Advice painting pvc windows Grey

Found 8th Aug 2015
Advice painting pvc windows Grey please.
I know its possible..... you have to prime first and you can buy special pvc primer, but I cannot find a suitable paint comes in Anthracite 7016 thats waterproof and matt. Any advice would be great fully appreciated
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Once primed and under coated you could use whatever paint you want. You do not state if its internal or external. For either you could get that colour mixed for you at any decent paint suppliers. As you want matt finish then personally I would use a oil based satin finish. If its external then you could use the same but I would look for a paint that's specific for external use.
Thanks for your reply.
Yes its external only that I would want to paint. I think I want matt - possibly eggshell/satin whichever would look best.
Do you know which oil based paint is best (weatherproof), that's specific for external use and can be made to my colour . I thought I might be able to buy Anthracite 7016 'ready made' for external use but cannot find - only ones that are exclusively for metal.
I would use Bulls Eye 1-2-3 for a primer coat…nt/
And use oil based paint for top coat like Dulux Weathershield. Zinsser do their own exterior gloss or satin but I've never used it. But if it's anything like their primer..its good as it sticks to anything!
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You could just pop into your local dulux, crown or johnstones paint centres and ask. I have fund them most helpful with any technical queries.
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If you go into a Dulux decorating centre they used to do a paint specifically for upvc, sure they only did it in white though.
After looking into it more from the above link to zinsser (thanks Evouk) I think I have found the perfect paint:

Zinsser AllCoat ® Exterior Satin

Exterior self priming and made to any RAL colour, 8 year protection - says for plastic too.
At nearly £90 for a 5 litre tin, its not cheap but seems like the best option. I just need the guts to do it now!…or/
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