advice please aftershave for a 19 year old

Found 11th Dec 2013
I have seen many deals for mens aftershaves and need to buy some for a 19 year old. Anyone got any advice on a young mans fragrance.
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Can't go wrong with JPG Le Male
Kouros or Jazz
My nephews (19 and 20) like Diesel Tattoo, Paco Robanne Ultraviolet and 1 Million
abercrombie fierce hands down, expensive tho
Paco Robanne million is lovely and on offer for £35 pounds for 100ml at boots
Sex panther, 60% of the time, it works every time.

Kouros or Jazz

Ignore this suggestion! Would only use these aftershaves to cleanse my bog! oO
paul smith, ck hugo boss
paul smith , hugo boss ck one
Paco - 1 million or Issey Miyake.

He'll be beating them off with a stick wearing any of them.

My nephews (19 and 20) like Diesel Tattoo, Paco Robanne Ultraviolet and 1 … My nephews (19 and 20) like Diesel Tattoo, Paco Robanne Ultraviolet and 1 Million

diesel tattoo is really nice!
Get INVICTUS m mm m m mmmmmmmmmmm!! My daughter has bought some for her teenage boyfriend and it's lovely, only trouble is I'm gonna be sniffing him when he comes round!
Agree about Paco Rabanne Million. My 19 year old. Son wears it and it smells lovely. Boots are doing a gift set for £39.99 which is the same price as the aftershave on its own

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One million or only the brave tattoo edition any time.

When your 15 you wear lynx Africa, when your 18 everyone seems to be walking around wearing ck one or Hugo boss (boss orange or boss bottled). Get him something decent (treat him), if it's a gift so to make him feel special.

Saying that one million and diesel are hardly a massive treat - you could always go for invictus which is being marketed a lot this Xmas.
Get him some Old Spice, he'll never know the diference
Joop, Ultraviolet for men (Paco Rabanne), 1 million, Gucci Guilty or Armani Code
Look he's 19, and probably only just shaved the first bit of bum fluff, that passes for a tash......
When I was 19, aftershave came in three flavours just like flamedeer (white (bronze really), silver and gold)


.......Bronze ! If you look to the top left of the body talc, you can see in the pic the cardiograph that my bird was hooked up to for 3 days, after our first date, when I tried it on her (the aftershave that is for the first time. She came out of the coma eventually.


.......Silver !


......And of course......The Amber Nectar

Basically, any of these will do for a 19 year old......because all a 19 year old is trying to say with it is :

"Hi, I smell nice.......look at my man-fruit !"

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diesel tattoo

Another vote for diesel
thanks to all who offered advice, I have decided to go with diesel tattoo and 1 million. I have marked chumba-wumba as best answer because he made me laugh so much.

To all , wishing you and yours and a very happy christmas and a fab 2014
007 supposed to smell mighty fine
Ultraviolet and 212 sexy are my favourite for my hubby.
I would go for David Beckham Instinct or maybe Next Pour Homme - which is almost exactly the same as Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier
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