advice please - court papers served at my address

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Found 29th Apr 2007
I have today received county court papers addressed to my ex husband who hasnt lived here for over 4 years. I have told him Ive got them but now feel that I should send them back marked not at this address. I dont actually have his current address exactly which sounds a bit pathetic when you write it down but its true. Do I give them to him to deal with or send them back to the courts - I have made a copy of them and think i might be better giving him the copy and sending the originals back??

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Didn't they come in a sealed envelope?
I would phone the Court and explain to them that he does not live there but if you opened a 'Confidential' letter it's a big no no.

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sellotaped - but only address visible through window. Have no reason to think post at my address would ever be for anyone other than me. I have lived there 15 years and before that it was my grandmothers.
However - if he defaulted on this or failed to answer - the credit blacklist would go on my property would it not?

Was it hand delivered? R/M do not deliver on a Sunday.

I would phone the Court that issued them and explain. It's very strange that after 4 years he is still down as living at your address. I wonder why he's not filled in the Electoral Roll form, he must have had at least 3 since moving out.

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sorry - i meant yesterday. I didnt get it until I got home from work!
He is Forces and i believe electrol roll has been changed. ive filled in a new one. Has just changed locations so tho i roughly know where he is I have no postal address for him.
Think i will take it in tomorrow - luckily the court is local to me. just dont want any **** landing on my doorstep!

Ooooooo, HM Forces and debt. That's big trouble for him when/if his C/O finds out.
If he knows about the papers how come he's not done anything? His whole future in the Forces could depend on how he handles this.

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phoned him last night - dont know if he knows any more than that - not something i really want to discuss with him at any length! just looking for the best way to ensure I dont get blacklisted because of him (assuming that he fails to sort it)

I knew a guy in the RAF that thought, if he had Cheques left in his Cheque Book, he had money in his Bank Account. Doh.
After getting a few thousand pounds in debt, his Bank wrote to the Station C/O. They deducted his wage and gave him 'pocket money' until the debt was paid. He was restricted to Base for ages and he never got promoted.


phoned him last night - dont know if he knows any more than that - not … phoned him last night - dont know if he knows any more than that - not something i really want to discuss with him at any length! just looking for the best way to ensure I dont get blacklisted because of him (assuming that he fails to sort it)

He doesn't sound too concerned. Strange.
Anyway, I would contact the Court on Monday and explain it all to them. I'd also get a copy of your Credit File (Experian and or Equifax) and see if he is linked to your address. If he is, write to them and explain he moved out four years ago. That should soon sort that out.

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Thanks Dino
Ive actually got a fridge magnet that says something along the lines of still having money cos i still have cheques!
he might be concerned - I just dont want to leave anything to chance! I might be being unfair to him but id rather be safe than sorry


Experian have a free 30 day online trial, that will be enough to get you the info you need.

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experian website says -
Sorry, CreditExpert is temporarily unavailable.
We apologise for any inconvenience. Service will be restored as soon as possible.

Please come back soon!


just a note of caution.. if you get mail to your address and its not addressed to yourself.. dont open it return it to the sender.. as the offence is interfering with the royal mail or even theft of mail and its arrestable, as one young lad found out when he had been opening other peoples mail he had a nasty shock

Hi. You can't be blacklisted for someone elses debt, if they are no longer living at the same property as you. You will need to get a copy of your credit reference agency file, available from Experian if you send them a couple of quid. Once you recieve that, have a look through, see if one of the names listed at your address is your ex's. If it is, you need to write back to the Credit reference agency with a letter headed "Notice of Disassociation", stating his name, date of birth and when he moved out, and that he no longer has any financial connection to you. The Credit Reference Agency are then duty bound to remove his details from your file. You can get more info from Experian site, or CAB etc.

Good luck, shouldn't be a problem to sort out, but will require a bit of leg-work from you I'm afraid, but if the end result is that you can't be black-listed for his financial problems, then it's gotta be worth it :thumbsup:

Info from the national debtline site, which confirms what I was saying before, have alook for yourself :thumbsup:

Credit reference agencies should not include information about other people who happen to live with you, even if you share a surname unless a financial connection has been created. This means other people's credit details should not affect your credit rating.

From November 2004 your credit report will only include:

financial information about you;
the name of anyone you have a financial connection with at your address (but not any financial information about that person); and
the date and source of the financial connection.
This means that your financial details will no longer appear on anyone else's credit report. Your report will continue to show you who has accessed your details and when this happened.

You will be treated as having a financial connection to someone else where a lender tells the credit reference agency:

you have made an application for credit in joint names;
a bank account or other credit product has been opened in joint names; or
you tell the credit reference agency that you are financially linked to someone else.
This will continue until you file a notice of disassociation to end the financial connection between you. See the section on 'disassociation notices'.

Credit reports will also include a 'linked addresses' section with details of any previous addresses that you provide when applying for a copy of your report and other addresses you have been connected to.

Phone us for advice 0808 808 4000

There may be information on your report about people who you have no financial connection with, or no longer share a financial connection with you (e.g. an ex-partner). You can write to the agency to 'disassociate' yourself from them explaining your reasons. You will need to fill in a form giving details about the people you want removed from your report. You only need to contact one of the credit reference agencies, as they will share the disassociation with the other agencies. If the agency refuses to accept your notice you can ask the Information Commissioner for help. The address is:

The Office of the Information Commissioner
Complaints Department
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Tel: 01625 545 745

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Thanks Mr GM. much appreicated!
must admit to having a couple of sleepless panic induced hours last night


Thanks Mr GM. much appreicated!must admit to having a couple of sleepless … Thanks Mr GM. much appreicated!must admit to having a couple of sleepless panic induced hours last night

You're welcome :-D
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