Advice Please Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 USB or HP Quickdock 2.0

    I have a HP DV6-1220sa laptop that I connect to my Sony HDTV by hdmi carries 1080p signal perfectly, Carries audio as well but only do stereo due to it connecting direct to the TV.

    I have a denon avr1306 amp that can play DTS and dolby 5.1 .

    Unfortunately laptop doesn,t come with a spdif connection so need to add one. what I am hoping is before I spend my £50 (only pence in difference in price between 2 options) somebody can tell me which one would be my best option. I am not bothered about the extra connections the quickdock offers, just to be able to carry DTS or 5.1 sound to the amp and the hdmi carry the picture to the TV as my amp doesn't have a hdmi connection. My laptop has a built in 3D Sound Blaster Pro card. would the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi be better or does my in built soundcard match it and the quickdock be the better option.

    Thanks for any help or alternatives?

    Product details here


    Soundblaster x-fi…294


    X-Fi will be waaaaaay better.

    EDIT - Sound quality wise versus onboard of the quickdock.

    I take it your amp doesn't have HDMI? That would be the best way.

    Apart from that, I'd ask on somewhere like [url][/url] and you're likely to have far more knowledgeable people relying.

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    ok thanks will try there


    X-Fi will be waaaaaay better.EDIT - Sound quality wise versus onboard of … X-Fi will be waaaaaay better.EDIT - Sound quality wise versus onboard of the quickdock.

    Is it an actual X-fi though? From memory the USB X-fi's aren't that at all, something much weaker.

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