Advice please do i sell games now or wait nearer Christmas?

Hi I have traded in my sons Wii and now have loads of games and acccessories. See list below for idea of what i have.
My question is should i sell now to get a better deal or might it be better to wait a few months and maybe get more for them then. Anybody have any experience of what happens to second hand games nearer christmas,.
This is my you can see most of them are for children....

Wii Fit Board
Wii Fit
Wii Sonic Unleashed
Wii Play
Wii Super Smash Brawl
Wii Super Mario Galaxy
Wii Mario Kart + 2 Wheels
Wii Guitar Hero 3 Legend of Rock
Wii Boom Blox
Wii Rayman raving rabbids TV party
Wii Zack and Wiki Quest for Barbaros Treasure
Wii Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
Wii Links Cross Training and Wii Zapper
Wii Mercury Meltdown Revolution
Wii Sonic and the Black Knight
Wii Transformers The Game
Wii Nun Chuk
Wii Classic Controller
PS3 Fifa 08
PS3 Fifa 09
PS3 Star Wars The Force Unleashed
Thanks in advance...i have never had so many to good games to sell before and worried that i may sell now at a cheaper price than waiting till christmas.


the longer you wait,the less you will get.

yes that is the longer you wait you will get less for your money

The prices could well plummet around Christmas if there's good deals to be had on the games brand new as there frequently are, I'd sell them sooner rather than later. The only one worth hanging onto might be Wii fit if it's in short supply again but that looks unlikely.


i mean that is right

surely people want new and sealed for christmas presents, second hand for themselves, so i would go for it now, or wait until after christmas and compete for pressent money. x

were getting our son a xbox 360 for xmas and weve bought some 2nd hand games that are in excellent condition..

Original Poster

Thanks i will take your advice and sell now....
i have bought games second hand before for the children...when they were younger they did not know the difference and now they are quite happy for second hand games particularly if they can get an extra game for the same money.
I have also got them things like long as the person had the original box.


Not necessarily, when you're buying for kids, what difference does a bit … Not necessarily, when you're buying for kids, what difference does a bit of cellophane make?

exactly, some shops sell them without cellophane xxx
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