advice please from plumber re Noisy Toilet after flush ??

Found 12th Feb 2018
any advice much appreciated toilet noisy after flush ?? cause
help please
really noisy post flush ?? whats causing ? thanks for any advice
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Noise as in the cistern filling? You could reduce the flow, take longer for the cistern to fill but would be much quieter
its like a noisy vibration through the pipes after flush
You want one of these (or equivalent) -…99r

Can also get bottom entry units if that is what you need.
Water hammer ?
We had a similar problem, when we flushed the toilet we would get a noise similar to trapped air in the water pipes, a plumber told us it was the baffle, I was sceptical at first as the noise was not coming from the cistern itself, we then bought a cistern conversion kit that meant we could do a full or part flush and the noise disappeared.

Conversion Kit
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Sounds like water hammer from your description, either get a water hammer arrestor or a pressure reducing valve or toilet inlet valve with a high pressure Fluidmaster version that has a removable rubber baffle on the inlet side.
thank you for all advice much appreciated
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