Advice Please - Given a gift, now faulty, retailer unknown, manufacturer not willing to replace

    If I have a faulty product, and am unaware of who the retailer was who sold the item, where do I stand with the manufacturer and a faulty product.

    Do they have an obligation to help?

    I was given a clock (decent one, about £50's worth), and the power adapter has stopped working on it.

    I don't know who the retailer was, as it was a gift.

    Should the manufacturer replace the faulty part?

    Quotes from relevant laws would be helpful.

    Thanks for any input.


    The manufacturer has no obligation to do anything at all for you under UK law.

    The Sale Of Goods Act will tell you your rights. Which in your case are next to nil.
    Why don't you just ask the person who bought it?

    As above, without a receipt to prove date of purchase or registration of the item with the manufacturer, you have no recourse at all I'm afraid.

    Original Poster

    It's ok.

    Contacted the manufacturer to find out exactly what power adapter I needed, and they've dug me one out (had previously said that spares had to come from Holland)

    They've posted it tonight, so should get it tomorrow or Saturday.

    Top service Karlsson!
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