Found 18th Jun 2008
Sorry folks looking for some help here.

I have just won an item on ebay ( pushchair and carrycot )

The item was listed as collection only but i emailed the seller today asking if they would be willing to post or courier it. They replied saying that it would be fine , no probs.

I have just had an email from them telling me that the item was listed as collection only as posting would be too costly. I think it is all because the pram sold for just over £20 ( almost new )

I replied reminding them of the previous email.

Where do i stand. I have not paid yet but really want this

thanks for any replies

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offer to arrange your own courier but if they won't send don't pay and report to ebay

So go pick it up....

Item number?

Original Poster

I cant pick it up thats why i asked for it to be posted or couriered:)

The item is in Worchestershire and i am in Edinburgh

Well tbh, look like you ain't gonna get it.

surley the clue was in the description (collection item only)

jus arrange a courier use they charge about £12.50 insured. or tell that guy to use parcel save to send an item to you that would cost £5.95.

LOTS like collection only as avoids paypal fees and the aggro of finding suitable packaging. As recently i sold 2 bundles of baby clothes and the padded bags cost me 1.20 each thats w/o and handling charge and im sure im not the only seller that feels guilty in charging more than £2 for packaging and handling even if it is justified. If you want a pram for local collect try Or if you really want that one tell the seller you willing to pay £1 extra to cover her paypal fees

But since the seller did specify collection only its either come to a mutual agreement or get a refund
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