Advice please - Have I been scammed?? Xmas present is a fake

    I am so confused right now Please read and advice me as to what to do and where I stand.

    I bought my brother a curb gold bracelet from a jewellers in Barking last Friday. As far as I knew it weighed 17.7grams (was weighed in front of me) and cost me £170 discounted from £210.

    Gave it to my brother on Tuesday for Xmas and he loved it. Unfortunately it was too big width (8.5") wise and I said we can get it shortened no problem by removing links and if the worst comes to the worst I will take it back and get a 7" one as a replacement.

    He took it into a repair shop in Croydon today and he was told that the bracelet is NOT REAL GOLD.

    Where do I stand consumer right wise? I bought it from one of those station jewellers and not some high street chain which I deeply regret now. Please advice. My brother is dropping off the bracelet tonight and I am off to Barking in the morning to sort it out.

    I don't want a confrontation but I don't want to be fobbed off either


    Is it hallmarked?

    If not then it may not be gold.I would take it back and ask for a refund as an unwanted gift.Check whether it is being sold as 9k gold etc and if it is,and they are being in any way awkward,say that you will report them to trading standards.Also check what the description is on your receipt,again,if it is not as described you are well within your rights to ask for a full refund.

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    It is hallmarked but I am not sure if there is such a thing as standard hallmarks because I couldn't match it to any of the hallmarks on a website I checked online. I feel so upset about all this.

    Best bet is to return as an unwanted gift, least hassle and most likely quickest way to get money back (if the shop is busy chances are they will want to get you out asap)

    However if they refuse speaking purely as a law graduate slightly rusty in commercial law ... Under the Sales of Goods Act buyers that receive goods not conforming with their description have a right to rescind the contract of sale, equally for goods not up to quality or purpose. If you really need detailed help over this try your citizens advice bureau or if you have a local free legal aid/advice drop in centre they will be able to sort it for you (small claims etc) if you want to pursue it.

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    Thanks 24hrstudent. I am going to the shop first thing in the morning and I am determinded to sort it out first time round but I have been on the Trading standards website just in case and although I am off on holiday tomorrow evening, if this is not sorted out tomorrow morning I shall be seeking further advice. No-one scams me!

    Good Luck

    I'd go back & have murder with them - get your cash back & go elsewhere


    so would i - however I would probably check with another jeweller first to be sure!

    If they refuse, Call trading standards AND the police.

    Its fraud,

    balls, even call the police anyway, they coulda done someone else out on them.


    If they refuse, Call trading standards AND the police.Its fraud, balls, … If they refuse, Call trading standards AND the police.Its fraud, balls, even call the police anyway, they coulda done someone else out on them.

    The Police have probably got better things to do with their time.

    But you know they love an old case of fraud.


    Tell us how you get on

    Sort your own money back, but you really should still report them to Trading Standards or they will never be caught & will continue to do this to other people . Hope you get on OK, I hate to hear of this sort of thing!

    1st id take it to another place pay the £2 or so fee and get it tested as i had a gold chain given to me by my old man it needed a new clasp so took it in for repair to be told '' this aint gold ''
    so i thought no that cant be right my old man wouldnt do that to me (or would he lol) but to cut a long story short the test they do involves some sort of acid which if the reaction is a green sort of colour they say the item aint gold, but the chain was gold but it turned out it contained less then normal amount of gold found in 9ct (it was a chain given to my dad by a middle eastern man years ago) but contained a bit more of the metal rather then the gold thats why it gave a greenish/brownish reaction
    could be why u cant match the standard uk stamps (missus has a 18ct gold chain from turkey she got this year which has no stamp @ all)

    Did you manage to take it back and get a refund?

    Yes I have been wondering how you got on

    i think he got his block knocked off by a crooked gold seller.


    hope it was the 2 gold dealers from the film Snatch, top film


    No-one scams me!

    But they did... u bought fake gold for £170... sounds like u got scammed pretty hard.
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