Advice please? Just sold items I was selling, what do I do now?

    Just sold 3 trapper hats I was selling, posted 1st as I have no feedback, but they'll leave me feedback on receipt. What do I do with my listing now? Do I mark it as sold? I see some that say "leave open for feedback" do I have to do anything else about this ? Also I I have an unsuccessful listing and doesn't sell what do I do to close it so I can wait the 7 days to relist? Any advice greatly appreciated (no sarcasm or smart comments please!)


    dont close the thread yet-wait until they receive and then pay you,and feedback has been left by both parties. the thread where you havent sold you are free to lock now and can then relist the item in 7 days.

    you can report it to be closed and mods will lock it,it doesn't need to be left open for feedback and if there are any disputes then mods can re-open

    you are allowed 3 bumps per sale thread after that again report to be closed and you can relist sfter 7 days

    barky prob has it right if you posted first and are waiting for payment, just incase
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