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I've been banging my head against the wall all night long trying to figure out which of these two monitors to go for and surprisingly, I'm no closer to making a decision so I've come here for help!…e=r


Which do you recommend and why :]



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go for 22" Arianet

Its cheeper with exacly same functions

I did have the screen Aria has briefly a while ago but with that sort of thing they're just going to be stuffing inside whatever they can buy cheapest so my experience with it's image quality probably has little relevence to what a new one would be like. The case wasn't bad though (apart from the almost complete lack of adjustability), and I rather liked it's styling, although my tastes tend to be a bit odd.

I'd concur with tasman23, go for the cheapest - if you're looking at these to start with you obviously just want a basic screen that can display stuff so don't get delusions of grandeur at the last minute, as long as it's not obviously terrible then you'll be happy with it.

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Thanks for the input guys, well once you add the Aria one to cart it comes up to £103 including vat + delivery so it's really only for the sake of £1.

I will primarily be using the monitor for day to day activities although I do game it up on the weekends.

The only advantage one has over than I can see is that the Aria one has a DVI input.

Although the CIBOX C2202 has great feedback and reviews on practically every site I've checked.

Taking into consideration the prices are pratically identical, which one would you then go for?


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