advice please my friend as just been given a home access grant

    now she is asking which pc or laptop to get for her child i have no idea but have looked at the packages.comet only do one laptop .all these supply the packages but some you have to top up with your own funds heres the list All suppliers have gone through a stringent accreditation process in-line with EU-compliant procurement methodology. The following suppliers were awarded "provisional approved supplier status" for the Home Access national programme:

    * Bli Education
    * Centerprise
    * Comet
    * Misco
    * Positive IT Solutions
    * XMA
    she is entitled to pc/laptop and internet which one is the best quality



    Comet will probably get you a reasonable deal

    misco bit pricey, the rest are probaby educational suppliers and hence overspriced

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    she can only spend at these places and if theres any funds left they go back in the pot for other families to use so no extras they have a few different laptops and pcs trying to find out which of the laptops or pc is the better model

    Bit hard to give advice without any idea of how much money she has been given.

    What is the total, and how much can be spent on the PC/laptop and how much on the broadband?

    Is there a limit on what you can buy or can you buy any PC or laptop?

    I assume you have seen this on the Comet site…ess

    They only show 1 laptop, is that the only one you are allowed to buy ?

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    she is entitled to the full package £528 internet for 1 year and pc or laptop

    Does anyone know if that internet has a useage policy?

    i.e 3gb a month and anything you go over you pay for :roll:

    A lot of these Home Access deals seem to offer Mobile Broadband dongles which are not the best thing to go for.

    If she has a phone land line she may be better getting broadband down the land line.

    She needs to find out what that may cost for the year, and then see what is left for a PC or laptop.

    The broadband may be say £10 a month so that is £120, leaving around £400 for the PC/laptop.

    If you think Microsoft Home and Office costs around £50 you are looking for a laptop that costs around £350.

    Misco offer one at £370 (Samsung R519) which is not bad (already includes Office). Not a very powerful machine, but good enough for basic office work.…htm

    Generally you get more for your money with a PC than a laptop, but a laptop is more convinient.

    Here is there desktop, again not very powerful…htm
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