advice please on a touchscreen laptop.…yes

    been looking at getting this for my son for this 11th birthday as thought it would be good for senior school. Any advice anyone could offer would be great as um not very clued up and thought a tablet would be no good for word ect ( although I could be wrong).

    Many thanks in advance for taking the time to look at this and hopefully any advice or experience with these :-)

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    This is a cross between a laptop and a tablet. It has a low powered CPU and no "hard disk" (only 32Gb of solid state memory).

    It comes with Office 365 but I believe this is a 1 year licence and at the end of the year you have pay for another 1 year licence.

    It is a very small screen and may make typing school homework and other documents tricky.

    It does cost £249 and for the same money you can get a "proper" laptop if you think that would be more suitable.

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    Any advice on what would be best for a school aged child and thank you for your reply :-)

    As an example here is a laptop at Argos for £249.…htm

    Full size 15.6" screen, lots of memory (8gb), huge hard disk (1Tb), a Celeron CPU (which are not great but will probably be fine for a young person to do homework etc.)

    You wont get Word or other MS Office software with it but you can install Libre Office which is a free Office suite.
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    Great thanks he has a hp one at the moment so might have a look and see if it would be better getting that upgrade from windows 7 to windows 8 and adding Microsoft Word.
    Thank you very much for your help it is very much appreciated :-)

    If you are looking at software for upgrade and office, there should be student discounts available for both the upgrade and office.

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    okay brill I will take a look. I brought him a hp pavilion about 3 years ago so it might be better to update the soft wear on that, then buying another one. Once again that you :-)

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    Thank you even :-)

    If its only 3 years old and running ok, upgrading the memory and replacing the hard drive with an ssd drive would make a difference in speed. You could then add office if required.

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    okay brill will try that :-)
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