Advice please on credit cards - I want to buy a used car but don't want an expensive loan...


    Right, I've never been a fan of credit cards but thinking about it, they can come in handy. I want to buy a used car from a dealer, a cc would give me better protection in case things go wrong. Also, I cannot afford to pay cash and I don't fancy an 8% personal loan. Plus I can pay off CC balance early without incurring penalties.
    I was thinking...if I got one of those 0% on purchases for 6 months cards, then within the 6 months I transfer the balance to a 0% on balance transfers card (3% fee). Obviously the car dealer might charge me 2% or so for the privilege of me using a CC.
    But surely this would be the cheapest way of financing my car? I would obviously make sure to pay the balance off before the high APR kicks in.
    As I unfamiliar with CCs, I'm not sure if I would be allowed to put an £8000 car on plastic? We have an average income, very good credit history. Anyone have an idea of what the maximum is I can put on a card in a single transaction?
    Ta very much


    8000 may be a bit much, but you could get a cheap overdraft on your current account, and then get a credit card with 0% on new purchases for 12 months. go to and find teh cards that are offering this atm, however due to the credit crunh there may not be too much about atm

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    Cheers. Yeah, thought it might be a bit much. Might have to juggle a bit with overdraft + CC.

    Although in the present climate the odds might be in your favour, when I have tried to do this in the past many traders limit what can be put on a cc to around £2000, the rest has to be paid by other means. I assume that this is down to the fees they need to pay.

    do a balance transfer from your Credit Card to your bank account and use your debit card for purchasing the car, that way there is no 2% surcharge for payment by the Car Company and you still get the advantage of the 0% balance transfer from the Credit Card. Credit Cards usually allow you up to 95% of the credit limit including the fee using balance transfer, so if the credit limit was £5,000 then you would be able to do a b/t of £4,750 (including b/t fees). Cheers.

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    Thanks all, rep on its way

    I think you will be hard pushed to find a cc company that will give you a £8000+ limit as soon as you sign up with them.
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