Advice please on Freesat and Freeview

    I have done some study on this but would still welcome informed advice on this please.

    Is it woth getting Freesat over Freeview in terms of quality, choice - whatever.

    Does anyone know how one can get a deal perhaps on Sky+ just for Freesat.

    We had a free install for the Mother in law of the standard package for £75 last year and she cancelled it after 1 months and now has it for free.

    ANyway of doing this for Sky Plus?



    I got fed up with the Sky rip off package so bought a Humax freesat box which allows recording 2 channels, live pause etc etc. The picture quality is excellent and very easy to use plus high def BBC and ITV.

    The only downside is there aren't a massive choice of channels on Freesat but my TV has freeview built in so best of both worlds.

    If you have the Sky system set up, I believe you can use Sky plus with the free channels for a subscription of £10 per month - give Sky a call but expect the hard sell.


    How does Freesat work

    My elderly father has Alzheimers' so isn't really interested in TV. Currently he has Virgin cable, but maybe this would be better.

    A method of recording programmes that he does enjoy would be useful

    Currently, Virgin have a 7-day recording facility, but that's not much good.

    Sad i know, but programmes like The Festival of Remembrance he would watch over and over .. with the Alzheimer's he forgoets he has seen it before. But, if he likes it, there's no harm done

    Maybe Freesat / and recording box is the answer

    thabks for any input

    Very similar to sky plus. select the program from the guide that you want to record, it then offers the option to record or watch (if on later) or if its a series asks if you want to record the whole series.

    The motivation for me was the cost. The Humax box cost £250 but this vs the basic Sky + subscription of £300 plus per year

    If you already have a Sky dish [28.2*]you can fit a Freesat box to this and get about 140 channels. A dish in any case is cheap ,get a zone2 [64cms] , I fitted my own in no time . Also ,with a quad LnB you can link upto 4 devices , one in each room maybe .An old Sky box with a FTV card from Sky [ about £19.57 .one off payment] will give you a selection of the channels curently on Freeview , but not all .You dont get Dave for instance .Old Sky boxes can be bought cheaply , I sold one on Ebay a few years ago for £6.
    Checkout the Freesat boxes from Argos , I have actually bought 2 HD Bush system's for a customer and she's well pleased with the quality . She already had the dish ,I bought a quad for her setup .
    I'm all for an alternative means of viewing decent quality TV channels without the monthly expence ,this was the reason I got my european sat systems 15 years ago .
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