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Found 15th Sep 2008
hello all,

my 12 month O2 contract is due up very, very soon.

i was initially thinking of going onto the £20 simplicity 600min/1000 text tariff with unlimited web, as it would suit my phone. incidentally, O2 are keen to stress they'll offer existing customers "a little something extra" - what does this mean? what extra can i hope for from them? a reduction on the monthly cost?

anyway, advice on that please, and also does anyone know what sort of mobile deal i could hold out for?

i use approx 250+ mins a month and quite a lot of texts but i really want free web access and also don't want to slip into an 18 month contract if i can help it.

wadya reckon?

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What they sometimes do is offer you the latest tariff and knock off £10 off your line rental per month, well thats what they did with me.

When I wanted to renew they basically said I could have an online 40 (£40 per month) for £30 thus giving me £10 discount each month. To sweeten the deal they said I can have a free bolt on that gives me o2 to o2 unlimited calls.

My advice is basically do some research with other networks to find out the price of plans and mins, handsets etc. Try thats a good start of best network deals.

Then when you found a good deal, call o2 saying you want to cancel your contract. They then put you through their cancellation dept where they have trained salesman trying to get you to stay. Basically just say you want to cancel cause you found a better deal and they will do their damnest to beat that deal.


I use an o2 genie sim card where I pay £10 a month, and that gives you (i think) 300 messages a month, plus the £10 gets to stay on phone for texts, calls etc too. With that you also get 10% of whatever you topup every 3months. Plus I have o2 friends deal on which takes £5 from that £10 credit and gives 1000 free units (texts, minutes calls) to ten o2 numbers. I never run out ;-) :-D

EDIT: and its not a contract so you dont have to top up each month if you dont want to, so can therefore just use any credit that is remaining on your phone if you choose too

If you don't upgrade your handset, you usually get at least £100 credit on your account when you renew. You can then use this to offset your monthly line rental going forward. I got £100 credit when I renewed, and got 250 mins and 100 texts for £10 p.m. The 100 texts being a "loyalty treat".

Hope that helps.

Original Poster

ended up getting an xda ignito, 600 mins, 1000 texts, unlimited web, 18 months, £30 a month - seems okay to me
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