Advice please on how to prep a MacBook for sale.

I’m selling a MacBook Air for a friend and have little knowledge of Apple stuff so help would be appreciated.
The model on the base says A1466 which makes it a Mid 2013 Air 13 and it has an i5-4250U 1.3GHz, 4GB RAM and 256GB SSD.

1. How do I determine the exact model number such as MD711LL/A?
2. Is there a built in system diagnostic test and is it worth running?
3. It has Mavericks installed so how do I do a clean install of the current version, El Capitan, so that it wipes all the current accounts and data?
4. Can I include a secure erase as part of the fresh installation process?
5. Is there any other info I should collect from it before doing the fresh O/S installation? SSD life or usage maybe!

A pointer to a good website that answers these sorts of questions that saves me trawling the web would be as appreciated as well as direct answers. I’m a Mac newbie. Thanks.


Battery health 2 app is free and gives you info on battery's age, health and cycles

Go to the apple menu in the top left corner and see 'about this Mac' - think that gives model number, or you can probably input serial number into site and get it

Create a new profile and make it an administrator. Delete yours after. This will keep all the apps on there but delete all your data.

You need to run something like this boot n nuke. Then reinstall OS X

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Thanks people, that's given me some ideas and this seems to cover the big reinstall:…09/

Also de-authorised Photoshop Elements for my friend to stick on her new PC.
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