Advice please on learning to drive

So I've recently decided that its about time that I learn to drive. I've just received my provisional licence in the post.

So can anybody give any advice on the lessons / computer programs that are out there etc. How much should I be paying for lessons? Are the big companies better than the small local ones? If not how do I go about finding the best local ones (I'm new to the area and dont know anybody else here to ask).

Thanks in advance


maybe get a local paper? there were a few offers in ours for block bookings but i wouldnt book a large block until you know you like the instructor! usually they do 4x£60 or something like-depends area too.

BSM :thumbsup:

I set myself a target and passed my Theory before starting any lessons.

My instructor was recommended which i reckon is better than finding someone you don't know about.

price was 17 then went to 18

good luck.


go to India and take the test there

very easy innit

then you will have a license valid for a year.

After a year the test will be easy

Driving Test Success All Tests

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I set myself a target and passed my Theory before starting any lessons.My … I set myself a target and passed my Theory before starting any lessons.My instructor was recommended which i reckon is better than finding someone you don't know about.price was 17 then went to 18good luck.

Do you know how long the theory test pass remains valid? Is there a time limit between passing the theory test and passing the driving test?

BSM all the way. You can pay with tesco vouchers too!
I paid for a 10 lesson block booking from a local guy, i got about 4 lessons and never saw the guy again - i dont think i was that bad a driver

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Any recommendations on the programs and books for the theory test because there is such a huge selection of titles out there!

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Driving Test Success All Tests

website doesnt seem to professional:?

There is a time limit between passing the theory test and sitting the practical test which off the top of my head is two years.

It's probably going to vary from region to region but I generally find the large motoring schools at least up here don't seem to be as good as many of the local ones as those going with the larger driving schools seemed to need consistently more lessons than some of the others. I chose my instructor purely on his car (I was looking for a Mitsubishi as these have the indicators/wipers swapped round as did my parent's car) but he worked out extremely well getting me through my lessons and tests at a good speed. My brother struggled with the AA initially (by that time the home car was a Rover so the instructor's car was then the wrong way round) but then breezed through his test with my instructor.

I'd definitely try and get some recommendations from people who have good experience with an instructor, I wouldn't try and find the cheapest or anything like that as a good instructor while possibly costing more per hour could actually save you a lot of money if they get you through your test relatively promptly.


Many driving schools just indicate you to a local instructor who advertises at your local newspaper. Some schools indicate instructors based in their score of pass/failure students.

When I did mine, I got only 4 hour lesson, one day before the test. Almost large schools refused me because the highest chance that I had to failure, due the short time.

To find a good instructor is just a case of luck. Price? Big companies like Red and BSM charges about £24 per hour... Local ones charge less....

To the theory test I bought to study a small oficial DVLA book with Highway code for £2.50 and a official DVLA DVD for theory test for £ 10.00 at WHSmith. And I had only one question wrong in the test... :whistling:

Your best bet is to get a reccomendation from a friend or relative as then you know what the instructor will be like.

And second thing i would recommend is do 2-hour lessons instead of 1. because it really gives you a chance to get into it.

The theory test, just book it up whenever, as soon as you pass it you have 2 years to pass the practical part, so just get it out of the way, to be honest most of it is common sense. You can buy a DVD which gives you mock exams and the hazzard perception for around a tenner, however the dvd can be obtained from a.. shall we say more questionable source for .. ahem "free".
3rd thing is to pay in blocks of 10 hours or so (most instructors do this and ususally give a discount if booked this way) so that you always have and know when your lessons are etc.

You will be looking at between £15-£18 an hour i would imagine.
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