Advice please... on selling a car registration plate!

    Both myself and my dad have great number plates and seeking advice on how it is best to sell them.

    My dads is "S444VED" which would be fab for a premiership goalie.

    Mine is "X J05HUA" which is great if your name is Joshua!

    Also any advice on value would be appreciated.



    I used ]this place recently and was pleased with the results

    Doh !!! Chris beat me to it.

    Original Poster

    Thanks! Much appreciated.

    looks like they would be worth quite a lot! good luck with it.


    great personalised plates untill you try to mis space them to make them look nice.. thats a £30 fine, and the chance of DVLA having the plate off you and no refund ..:w00t:

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    Yeah - fair shout m8. However, I've had my Joshua plate on for 3 years and never had a prob, and my dad's S444VED actually still looks great even with a small gap.

    But you are absolutely correct!

    "Mine is "X J05HUA" which is great if your name is Joshua!"
    even better if you're an xman named joshua
    out of curiosity were you just assigned these randomly or did u buy them as special?

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    I bought them from the DVLA.

    My son is called Joshua - but hard times demand hard actions :-( The cash would be handy!

    I bought my dad's for him from the DVLA. He is getting on in years and again the cash would be useful to him!


    If the guy's name was Joshua I think you have a sale : - )

    Cant ya just buy them windshield stickers with Dave and Sharon like they used to sell,Much cheaper and just as naff,
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