Advice please re returning item to NEXT

Posted 1st Mar 2010
I have got a bit confused with curtain sizes and thought that sizing on curtain packets was the size of both curtains together not each. Therefore I thought I would have to buy extra extra wide curtains so paid £240 from Next.
They are for my new house and I bought them about 3 weeks ago. I only realised yesterday my mistake and found my dream curtains (whereas with Next had to settle for just a few choices). The Next return policy says 10 days. The actual packaging they come in hasnt even been opened
Does anyone have any experience of returning this not within period of 10 days?Or any good excuses LOL
Thanks will be repped xxxx
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yes i have plenty, i always have thought next returns was 14 days therefore for the past year or so i have been returning items after 14 days and they have accepted it. Since its been a while you've had the items, go into a next store (thats if you bought them through next directory, doesnt matter anyway) and just give them the stuff and receipt, they should usually give you a return, i'm quite surprised on how thick they are.

If you bought it through next direcotry you can say i've been trying to arrange a return but no one comes to collect the items, i have complained on different occassions so i was advised to come into store and return them. If they make a fuss, ask to speak to a manager and tell them the same thing.
Hi, I work for next and I can tell you that it is a 28 return policy from the date on the receipt if purchased in store, however if you purchased them from the directory it is a 10-14 day return policy through courier or through store directory return service. If you did purchase your items through the directory in store and you do not have a directory account and you have an original receipt you are eligible for either a refund or exchange if you are within the 28 days, if you do not have an original receipt the amount will be put onto a refund card subject to managers discretion. However if it was a purchase direct from the directory and you do have an account then you must ring the directory as they are seperate from store ordering services.
I returned an item of flat packed furniture after over 2 months. ( unassembled and still in unopened box ) they were very pleasant and took it back no problem
i returned 2 items last week i had since the boxing day sale, they returned them no problem
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