Hi Guys looking for some advice please my LO is starting school shortly and is 3 but still in 18-24 month trousers...does anyone know where i could get age 3 trousers (Uniform from please) and if they start any younger than 3 as only found age 4's at moment which are way too bug!!!
    adjustable waists would be a bonus!!!
    any help much appreciated
    many thanks for looking!!!

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    20% off too at the mo, free del, collect in store free.
    Starts at age 3 though but with adjustable waist

    asda usually have 3-4yrs as my daughter was small too. But i found they only had this size when they had their amin uniform stock in, in july.

    Next do age 3 hun my little one was very tiny when she first started school and these fit lovely xx

    try your local market i had the same problem with my little boy and the only place i could get smaller sizes was the market school shop

    had the same problem, only place we found anything was mothercare

    my lo is also 3 and starts this thursday and i have had the same problem, i ended up buying m&s age 3 doing the adjustable waist right up and turning up the hems with wounderweb! i could find smaller than age 3 anywhere! hope this helps you xx

    You can checkout Mothercare.

    When I was buying mine last year ASDA had trousers and skirts in 2-3 - they probably won't be restocking the store until 'back to school' time comes round again though. Maybe try online?

    Could she wear black leggings?, i know our nursery let's them

    sainsbury's uniform starts at age 3 and their trousers and skirts have adjustable waists. I bought my sons uniform from here and he has been wearing it since last September; its very good quality and washes well.

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    thanks for all your help gang...much appreciated! fingers xed x

    M and s had some in their online sale have a look at asdas too do them for £3 and they come up small great for slim kids.

    In the past i got trousers from woolys they did 2-3 for boys and somewhere else but i cant remember, you will find alot of difference though in age 3 stuff from variou shops, m&s seem a good fit. Try age 3 there.

    i got age 2 online and in a school outfitters in trutex
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