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Found 17th Nov 2009
1st post so please don't shoot me down! [and apologies if this is in the wrong place]

I need to buy a mountain bike for my wife. She is of small stature (5'1"), and most importantly the bike must be as light as pos - it must not be heavy. It will be used on tarmac/ paths only.

I have no idea of makes, wheel sizes, frame sizes, or suppliers. I am aiming to pay up to £250.

I would be most grateful for any advice or suggested deals.

"Thank you"

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for super lightweight, you need an aluminium frame and alloy wheels... there are lots of 'hybrid' models about at the moment - i think these would probably suit her best. Theyre usually very light weight / easy to pedel, and most are designed with the specific ladies dimenions in mind.
im 5'4'' and im just about happy on a 17'' frame.. so i should think she'll need something a bit smaller. Maybe a 15'' - but i would never buy a bike without trying first, as there are other things to consider, such as the reach to the handlebars

]This ones quite a good deal, you get a few accessories with it, but they dont have anything smaller than a 17''.

in my opinion, you cant go much wrong with a GIANT - theyre built to last, so maybe check out their models too - ]Tredz

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Many, many thanks Narfette - your help is very much appreciated.
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