Advice please !! Which mobile phone to choose ?

    Practising what I preach I've ordered a Samsung Omnia from the deal I posted here:-…nia

    After doing some research the feeling I'm getting is this is a potential mistake. Is anyone aware of any major faults/software issues this phone is experiencing. It seems some retailers have been directed not to sell anymore of them but I can't find out why. Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks.


    I have the omnia on orange, as far as i can tell, there are no problems with it at all... Ive read on the Vodafone forum though that the vodafone firmware on the omnia is very buggy. I haven't got the same problems as the Vodafone models... Its an amazing phone..! I would suggest you get it on/from orange though:thumbsup:

    Do u have to claim back the £17.50 for the first 9 months through redemption? or is that all you pay? i think thats what garbage meant. Redemption isnt a problem aslong as you send your bills off at the correct times.

    You could get the Omnia at Vodafone for £27.50 12 month contract after quidco. imo that's the better choice assuming you get the cashback paid.

    Omnia and Diamond are the two popular choices right now. I don't know what are the problems you are talking about with the Omnia, but I got the Diamond and it tends to get a bit hot and the reception is not brilliant. I never actually tried to use the firmware supplied by my provider before I changed the ROM but I would assume the firmware is a little buggy and slow. If given a choice to choose again, I would probably go with Omnia 12 month contract with Voda.

    Think thats what garbage meant, you still pay £35 a month then send your bills off at certain times to get the money back. But if orange were going to charge £35 anyway, you have nothing to lose.

    The Omnia on Vodafone seems to be one that should be avoided, the main problem on the Vodafone forum seems to be the device auto-answering calls when the phone is in certain states such as when it's locked or writing a text message.

    i was in the exact same boat even cancelled my o2 contract to get one,. but in the end the phone on vodafone was useless, ended up with iphone

    sounds like you have already chosen the omnia but are regretting it, like i did.. i took mine back now i am happy
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