Advice please, zavvi outlet ,faulty xbox controller & if they are right?

Posted 12th Nov 2015
Please can anyone help, give advice??

Long story short, bought a FIFA xbox one deal on eBay from zavvi outlet new,, it was with the eBay code 20% that was from here.

Basically the controller keeps disconnecting from the Xbox, zavvi said if I want a refund on the Xbox it will be a partial as the fifa game has been used. But they won't commit to how much till it turns up with them. So I can't really do this as they might just give £100 , it's anyone's guess.

So I've been back and forth with this with them for a week.

And now they are saying, I can return the controller at my cost (OK fair enough maybe) they will then give me a partial unconfirmed refund on the controller so I can buy another.

They have linked me to one on there eBay site at £43.

I'm really unsure what to do, they are so difficult to deal with.

Are they correct in what they are doing?, If it is, fair enough.
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