advice please....this game controller from pcworld

my daughter is looking for game controller
going to pick one up for her - she has found this on p c world site -

saitek s290 pro

dont want to go down there if its not this price

she is only a kiddie - not for professionals!!



97p is the end of range clearance stock (Anything ending with 7) so some stores may have stock but majority probably won't. Can't go wrong at that price if its true

lol professionals don't throw controllers at screens, kiddies break stuff so it needs to be a lot tougher

You sure she wants a stick and not a pad?

Original Poster

she was looking for a gamepad. but came across this, she does not want it she just noticed it.she still wants the saitek p380 game pad.

the above wasnt written by me - im a cheapskate when it comes to game things

can anyone find me the cheapest game pad please

thanks for all previous advice:thumbsup:
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