Advice pls - Can you recommend some DS games?

After HUKD members help, and advice, I have decided to order two DS s, for my children, from Father Christmas.

Could you please recommend some games? My son is 7 and daughter is 4.



cooking mama
indiana lego
viva pinata

Same here for the ages and both mine have got DS's. Both mine love cooking mama2 and play it loads, my son also plays alot of football fifa 08 and pro evo and mario kart or mario at the olympics. My daughter plays mario kart and also loves Dora the Explorer and Crayola colouring one.

I have two boys 6 & 4 and they enjoy the below-
Lego Star Wars
Lego Indiana Jones
All the Mario Games
Nintendo Dogs

Hope this helps as a start


Cake Mania! WELL addictive!

Hotel Dusk
super mario bros


my son is 6 and into the imagine ones, imagine babies, imagine teacher, theres a few i think

also animal crossing and the cooking ones

Originals to buy, or homebrews?

my daughter loves SIMS.

Another vote for the IMAGINE series too. She likes IMAGINE fashion designer. And all the pet-related games.Also, Cookin Mama is great.

Use a comparison site so you can find the cheapest places to buy whatever game you decide on or just keep an eye on here, you have lots of time til christmas. Dont forget Quidco!

Have fun, christmas is lovely when they are those ages!


Proffessor Layton for the older one, and you, that game is amazing!!
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