Advice re copying DVD to laptop hard drive.

    I plan to copy some of my DVD's to my laptop HD to watch when on the move. (The stuff I plan to copy is old classics TV stuff like Blackadder & Men Behaving Badly).

    I usually use AnyDVD & Handbrake to convert for my phone / MP4 player and am wondering if this is the best software to use.

    I'm also not sure about the best way to go about this as in:

    - Software
    - Settings
    - How much space on the HD it might take up.
    - will I be retaining all the DVD i.e menus, special features or just the episodes.

    My laptop has a fair sized HD (500gb) so although space isnt tight I would like to get a good space used / quality balance.

    Cheers for any advice.


    dvdshrink :thumbsup:

    you can decide how much space you want the movie to use, what extras you want etc, its a great program

    Although I used to love DVD shrink, since most titles from 2007 onwards have a copy protection it can't process, I now use DVDfab platinum, as it offers the most options and is easiest to use .

    Original Poster

    Cheers - will give DVD Shrink a bash - copy protection should be taken care of by running AnyDVD first.

    You can rip dvd's with VLC

    Original Poster

    Ended up just ripping to an ISO image with AnyDVD.

    The ISO's are a fair size but I'm happier with the quality - I suppose reducing the quality of an old 80`s series wasnt ever going to give me a great results.

    A typical DVD will be just under 4GB so will eat up your HD space . Why dont you rip your DVD's and then divx or xvid them ? this will bring them down to under 1GB in size [ typically 850mb] . There still acceptable in terms of picture quality and you can use VLC to view them .
    I did this to quite few of my DVD'd for the holidays and put them on my Asus.
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