Hi - Looking to invest in a new vacuum cleaner, thinking about a Dyson. Does anyone know which is the best Dyson for wooden floors (option for rugs and tiled bathroom/kitchen?!) Thanks in advance....


    my own opinion leave the dyson alone and go for a miele i am on my second in ten years,last one gave up after 8 years but it did have some abuse, currently if you buy one you can take out the extra 10 year cover very cheap something like £30, hope this is of some help

    I would have a Dyson any day. Best Vacuum cleaner I have ever had. Mine is a Dyson DC07 with a Hepa filter. I use it on laminate flooring and carpet.

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    I've got the Dyson Ball, It's brilliant on wooden floors but doesn't like to pick up any pieces of dirt bigger than a pea ( flat obviously! It doesn't pick peas up...)

    The trouble is, it's a pain on carpets, it only likes to go one way and if you go wrong it makes those funny marks in the carpet when you rub the pile the wrong way, when it does that boy does it make you sweat! it makes you work twice as hard!!!

    Original Dyson was by far the best although the new little ones are pretty good too.

    I have the Dyson DC24 (I reviewed it on amazon) which is excellent on all surfaces but go for a bigger model if you have a large house

    Over priced, over hyped. colourful junk.


    Had my dyson 15 years and still as good as day 1

    superb machines.

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    Thanks all for your advice...still undecided!
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