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    so feeling really awful today as i lost my mobile phone... its a contract and a brand new phone. my house insurance wont cover it as i didnt take out personal belongings, i dont have phone insurance. i had to have the phone blocked. is it possible to take out insurance then claim a few days later?


    So you want to defraud an insurance company?

    is it possible to take out insurance then claim a few days later?

    Not now you've told the world that you're about to commit fraud!!!!

    it is possible but illegal


    it wont work, now that they're onto you

    shocking (_;)

    Did you make the initial payment for the contract by Credit Card? If yes, they "may" cover you for the theft.

    well you've blocked it, so when you take out this insurance they will know you have blocked the phone prior to the insurance claim & they will want to know why.

    if you have had the phone blocked then any insurance company would check what date this happened so its not gonna work is it?

    if you dont have home or mobile insurance to cover it,just gonna have to buy another one.

    Contact your provider, I lost my phone and like you had no insurance they offered me a replacement for £60, I got it the next day the phone was worth a lot more. I was with Orange.

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    thought so... thanks all for replys... my network said they will offer me a newphone if i extend my contract for another 3mth but it wont be the same phone its probably gonna be a rubbish one!

    maybe you could send a text to your phone offering the finder a reward ? (not sure if this is possible if you've blocked it but just trying to help)

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    i asked them to please please call the number i txt from but they didnt, people dont care! i also called the phone about 100 times before b;locking it but they didnt answer then they turned it off (or the battery died) iblocked it because my provider said the internet had been accessed from the phone so didnt want to be landed with a surprise bill also

    The insurance company would want to know why you have actually used the phone after you took out the policy? The network logs the IMIE every time the phone's used.. . .
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