Advice re selling ?

    Advice re selling item via free paper - i wonder if anyone can offer me any advice on something. i recently advertised an item for sale in free ads, anyway got an email from someone saying interested and they would be happy to send a cheque or pay via paypal and could i just box it up and they would arrange for a courier to collect. Am i being overcautious. is this a known scam? Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can give


    Wouldn't touch them with a bargepole... Has scam written all over it. They will either issue a fake cheque, or reverse the paypal transaction (chargeback) once they receive the item.

    It sounds like all you have is an e-mail address, i'd be wary, you should at least make sure you have contact details, and wait for a cheque to clear before letting any items go.

    Don't even think about doing it! Scam.........

    Scam, I had someone, who tried to buy something off me. Free paper in home town. He/she/it wanted to pay by paypal.
    Told them it was cash on delivery. Then got the story, I am buying it for my brother in Lagos. I will pay you an extra £30 for delivery, and I will pay by paypal.
    Told them it was cash on collection, and they upped the amount of postage to £50.00
    Sold it to a local in the end. No comeback and he got a bargain.

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    Thanks everyone, i must admit i thought it sounded a bit dubious! Sad we have to think that way nowadays....x
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