Advice re sticking with t-mobile or moving to ee.

    Hi all

    Following a bit of a !!!! up by ee I've been offered one of the following by way of compensation.

    Stay on t-mobile (3G) & get:

    - unlimited calls, texts and data.

    or move to ee (4G) and get:

    - 1000 mins, unlimited texts and 6gb data.

    Both deals costing around £7 / £8.

    The t-mobile option looks tempting but are they likely to try & bump customers off their older t-mobile deals in the future and push them to ee?

    Should I go for the ee option now as the safer longer term option?

    Thanks for any advice.


    they already do push you off so take ee deal seems good to me..

    they already do push you off so take ee deal seems good to me..

    EE great deals but check your signal mine is shocking in my house even on WI-FI calling i was with Three best network by far for me, and i'll be going back when my contract ends, also better data deal.
    I think it's all down to who is better for you signal wise in your area imho.

    Depends on what is important to you. If you need unlimited minutes and don't mind 3g then stick with T- mobile. If you prefer 4g data and happy with 1000 minutes then ee.

    I would stick with T-mobile, you won't get that kind of offer from EE any time soon...

    Depends if you normally use more them 6gb of data or 1000mins.
    If the 3g single is good in places you frequent then I'd be going for the unlimited data myself

    Great deal. Im paying that for far less with tmobile. As others have said check your network coverage to decide which if the two data bundles to choose.

    Original Poster

    Cheers chaps - the signal for both seem to be simlar locally.

    As tempting as the tmobile unlimited 3G deal seems I'm going to the ee 4G 6gb deal as I think its a better long term bet.

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