Advice re Supplements to reduce muscle soreness

    As I have increased the amount of training I have been doing(both cardio & resistance I have naturally experienced increased muscle soreness

    Combined with the work I do in outdoor sports I am active 7 days a week.

    Can anyone recommend any decent supplements that they have actually used that have been effective?

    No trolling in this one please,serious subject

    Thanks in advance


    wouldnt rele take supplements, creatine helps recover.

    warm down (stretching) and take a hot bath

    Ibuprofen...........400mg x 3 daily

    Valerian is a natural sedative. It has immense muscle relaxative properties. Works for me, but mostly I need it for the uncontrollable muscles (smooth gut muscles mostly). But you could always give it a go. It is a sedative/relaxant in the proper sense - not a sleep inducer. Though falling asleep more easily is a side effect you MAY experience. I don't and I take a large dose every day.
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