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Posted 21st Jul 2010
I was wondering if anyone could advise me, hope 'misc' is the right area.

I bought a bike from Halfords for £349.99, 5 days later it was on the web site to order and collect from the same store for £279.99. I spoke to the person in Halfords but he was of the attitude 'tough' basically. Is there anything I can do or have I just been unlucky with my timing?

I know prices can change but being so soon and I saved for ages for the bike. The bloke said there price matching policy does not count for online ordering.

Thanks, any advice will be greatly received!
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Price PromiseIf you can buy the same product cheaper, within seven days … Price PromiseIf you can buy the same product cheaper, within seven days and 20 miles of the store, Halfords will match the price. Even against trade outlets! Please ask in your local Halfords store for details of terms and conditions. Excludes online and catalogue orders.

Find another halfords store within 20 miles with confirmed stock at lower price and claim on their price promise perhaps ? As you would be in effect complying with the conditions then (if its still within 7 days of purchase).

(* not sure if 'click and collect' is reserve and then pay instore or online payment which may exclude, soz)
try to return it, get a refund and place an order online.

Thanks for the replies, I tried both those. The bike shop manager reckons it doesn't count against web order and collect and also would not refund me as he said the bike had been ridden.
Buy a new one and dont use it and return using the old receipt? Only way your going to get the differnce really
Wickes tried this with me. They offer a 6 month refund policy. Had a load of real oak flooring we hadn't used yet. Massive sale was on. Managed to get the money back in the end after threatening to bring the whole lot back, then buying it back and having it delivered free to my house.
That might be a possibility, mind you they'd know I bought the second one and there horrible the staff in there. The chap in charge would barely even give me the courtesy of listening to me
You need to buy a second bike from a different store, then take that bike back to the first store with the first receipt.
Yeah I think a second bike from another is the only way round it. Wonder if writing to the head office would work - they probably ignore all letters too.
I bought my son a bike from Halfords last september and before I had even collected it, it went down by £70. I phoned customer services about it and they gave me the number to speak to the manager at the local store. He told me to reserve another one at the reduced price, and then bring both numbers in when I collected the bike. I then paid the reduced price.

I realise this is different from your case as I hadn't even collected the bike yet, but it seems to me that it must be down to the manager. And your local manager sounds unhelpful

Did they build the first bike for you? I think it states on the receipt if it was built, so watch this if you want to take back an unbuilt (second) bike on the first receipt.
If there's something wrong with the bike I would demand a refund if I were you
Phone customer services. make a fuss. They'll bend over backwards,they nearly always do. To be honest, if it was me, i wouldnt be allowed to do it even if i wanted to, but once customer services step in, things change.
What is the customer services number Shanecr? Do you work at Halfords?
Nothing wrong with it really although there was a tiny scratch on the handlebar, didn't notice till I'd got home so couldn't prove it was them
snap the chain and take it back and demand for a refund if its under 14 days
Do they take them back under 14 days if it's broke? My gears are not shifting but got told it's the old 'settling in' line
They should offer to do a safety check after 30days as the cables stretch
Yeah think I can have a safety check, just sick about the price drop! Ah well, cheers everyone.

snap the chain and take it back and demand for a refund if its under 14 … snap the chain and take it back and demand for a refund if its under 14 days

another thief on my DO NOT DEAL with list

OP, if the price had gone up, would you be rushing to the store to pay them the difference? Prices move around all the time. Just get used to it and move on.
I would go to the store and offer to pay them the difference yes if it was within a week as I would think that was fair to them. I see it as a 2 way thing.

Thanks for replies
Just an update, after lots of back and too between me and the Halfords area manager they finally gave me the £70 price difference plus another £30 to cover the £15 I paid to have my gears set up by my local bike shop then £15 goodwill so I am made up!

Thanks again everyone for all your advice

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