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Found 12th Jul 2010
Hi guys,

I need some advice regarding my current living arrangements.

I have been staying in a Unite property ( for just over 3 weeks now, and I am moving out this Saturday.

My oven/hobs have not been functional since I arrived, so I have had use of a microwave only.

I reported the fault approximately 6 working days into my stay to a lady over the phone at my property, the lady confirmed the oven would be fixed, however I was not given an issue number, and I did not take her name.

I left the issue about a week and half, and then rang up to check its progress last Thursday. I was told the issue was never logged and would need to be logged again, it would then take upto 7 working days to be fixed. It is now Monday evening, and I am still without an oven.

The company won't give me any reduction in rent as they say I didn't log the complaint correctly in the first place. I did not receive an issue number, however the lady on the phone assured me the issue was logged correctly.

Unite have closed the case after various emails, and refuse any compensation. I have some leverage as I am yet to pay rent to them on account of a fault of their own.

Where can I escalate the issue from here?

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you cant escalate it-plain and simple-you never got a name,you never got a log number for the job,therefore,technically,it doesnt exist-you have no way to prove you ever registered a complaint.

In future,get a job number,put your complaint in writing too and send recorded delivery-lesson learned for the future.

It's a case of your word against theirs by the sounds of it.

Perhaps you could try advice from the CAB, but with little to support your assertions, you may not get anywhere.

You could pay a proportion of your rent citing the reasons why and invite them to take you to civil court if they fancy it. Risky though...

You will only have been there for 3 weeks in total - surely any reduction would be negligable and not worth the risk of any kind of action for witholding your rent. A nuisance not having a cooker I am sure, but not really life changing ...
Unite are a big organisation I am sure they would think nothing of taking you to Court for unpaid rent - they probably do it all the time.
I would take it as a lesson learned.
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