Found 28th Jun 2009
Over the last few days my spaniel has become very lethargic, ear temperature seems to have varied and she isn't eating.

It's hard to describe any real symptoms but she just isn't right.

Any suggestions on how to perk her up a bit? It's probably nothing but im sure people can identify with how attached you get!

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how old is she?

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9 (just)

get a vets advice

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Will do if nothing has changed by monday. Just posted incase we had a resident HUKD Vet.


9 (just)

awww she might just be feeling a little under the weather. keep an eye on her tho and if she doesn't start eating you should take her the vets. hope she's ok :thumbsup:


Will do if nothing has changed by monday. Just posted incase we had a … Will do if nothing has changed by monday. Just posted incase we had a resident HUKD Vet.

the weather can't help much, my cat doesn't know whether she's coming or going.....:?

ps if she isn't drinking I'd phone emergency vet

Yes, I agree with choc, it's best to take her to the vet for a proper check-up.
It could just be that she is hot and fed up. Does she like baths? That would cool her down and have plenty of fuss and contact time. Has she had a really good grooming recently? - fur is hot!!

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Thankyou for all the replies.

If anything she is chilly rather than hot and has recently had a good haircut.

If it was anything like poison wouldn't symptoms be more severe with regards to sickness? (She has been sick once...)

I used to have my dog cut but then I was advised that I should not be doing it as their fur actually keeps them cool - hope she is ok

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I don't think she has been anywhere to eat anything dangerous, same dog walking routes as usual.

She is drinking an average amount, not too much.


dogs always eat less in the summer as dont need as much food to keep them warm etc. maybe in season. should ask vet to update annual jabs and worming as this can leave them off colour too.

I would take her to the vets for a quick check up hon, make sure she doesn't have some kind of infection or virus you can't see.....

Is she eating properly and playing around as usual?

Might she be pregnant?

I too think it likely that perhaps the weather is hot and humid for her and she's uncomfortable.
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