Advice regarding new phone line in new house


    I am moving to a new house in 2 weeks, and would appreciate some advice regarding phone lines.

    I am in the last month of my phone line contract with BT at my current address.
    I still have 6 months left on my EXPENSIVE (24 pounds a month BT Broadband contract.

    I called BT to shift the line over to my new house (which already has a phone socket).
    The guy at BT call-centre told me that the line had to be re-connected and they would charge me 122.5 pounds for the same. I told them there is already a socket there so there is no wiring that needs to be done. He then asked me to hold on, spoke to open-reach and said that there is a line there but it has "quality issues", so they would have to install a new line.

    I get the feeling they are only out to charge me 122 without having to do any wiring or anything else to justify the costs.

    So, possible options I think I have are:
    1) Cancel my current BT line, and get a brand new line at the new address in my girlfriend's name. Does anyone know if there is a scheme on to not charge the 122.5 for new customers? I see an offer on the MSE site, but only valid till 30 Sep.
    2) Get a phone line from someone else.
    - Does anyone provide free line installation?
    - Will BT Broadband (to which I am contractually committed to for 6 months) work with any other providers line (talk-talk, sky etc)?

    Would appreciate any help here, will leave rep!

    Thank you so much in advance!



    When I moved house I was still well within contract on the line from the previous property (6 months+).

    I had no problems getting them to fit a new line in my new house for £30ish on the condition that I signed up to an 18 month contract.

    BT were still doing this as of last week (…htm) but the deal lapsed today.

    Chances are they'll bring it back again, but I haven't seen anything yet.

    I'm getting my line activated by sky for free and free 6 months line rental as im taking their tv, phone and broadband package!!! worth giving them a shout


    Get a vonage line!!!!!
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