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Found 14th Jun 2011
Me and my parter are looking to private rent a place but my credit rating is bad, hers on the other hand is good and she has a well paid full time job, im working full time and have worked for the same company for 10 years, when applying should i let her do it in just her name?


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Fo' Sho' brah. Your lack of benjaminz will be holdin' your ho back when gettin a honey pad

even you can answer this one

My parents rent out flats and I don't think they've ever done credit checks. They do take deposits and check references (bank, employer, guarantor where necessary). I wouldn't be worrying about your credit background, just be sure you can afford the rent and the bills, and so long as your references are good, it should be OK. From the landlord's POV, surely two tenants on the lease is better than one? Don't quote me though... what do I know!?


It's actually "My partner and I....."

Why is your credit rating bad by the way?
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If you are going through an agency, they will most likely do credit checks.

If she is earning enough, then she could put it her name, but the tenancy agreement may state that she needs to disclose anyone over 18 that is living there, if she doesn't then she can be evicted a lot easier than normal.

I would work on getting your rating up.


If an agency is involve they will do checks

Yeah, sorry forgot that. I read 'renting privately' and assumed that it was directly with the landlords. Forgot about those evil agents!

a couple i know had the same problem, but to further complicate things she was self employed. They just had to pay a bigger deposit. My advice would be to both apply and see what happens. His credit rating was poor and she didnt have one as such. That was with an agency. Im not sure if it was landlord or agency that wanted the bigger deposit.
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