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Advice regarding Sky Protect TV Repair/Replacement

Posted 16th May 2017
Looking for some advice regarding Sky Protect after reading some of the problems people have had on here when dealing with D&G.

Currently have Sky Protect for my 42" LG 3D TV bought July 2013 for £650 (previous TV was insured with Sky Protect and they wrote it off and paid out the purchase amount via bank transfer). In a nutshell had to send the TV for repair twice within a short period, first time due to bright patches while watching dark images. Company replaced the display (had to order from LG which took 3 weeks). Got it back and noticed the problem was even worse so had to send it back again, their only solution was to tape the back of the display - it didn't work.

Sending the TV for repair again with both Sky Protect/D&G and the repair company knowing they can't solve the issue. My previous TV was covered with Sky Protect/D&G they paid out the purchase amount for it a couple of years ago, however I've read some of the posts from others recently about D&G so just want to know what to expect. With my previous TV they paid the full amount via bank transfer, however the policy states they may offer a gift card. My only concern with the gift card option is Argos only have a 55" Samsung 3D TV and unfortunately this would be too big (and yes I realise 3D is a bit of a gimmick now but still!) and Currys don't have any 3D TVs below £799. Will they even offer the full purchase amount, do the failed repairs have an impact on the amount I'll get?

Many thanks in advance!
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We got a reasonable amount for a 7 year old laptop £170. But they would not budge.
I did see someone post on here they also had issues getting an integrated Bluetooth tv as they only wanted to pay a certain amount for a similar tv not exact.. as exact model was end of life and new model did not have Bluetooth..
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