Advice regarding the "Im from your ISP, your PC is running slow"

    Advice regarding the "Im from your ISP, your PC is running slow"

    I have just had a call from my mates father saying he had one of these calls and "fell" for the scam to the point where they wanted payment details.

    He has advised me that he went through the process of allowing them to connect to his PC via "logmein123" but terminated the call after they advised that he had errors on PC. (event viewer errors)

    I have currently advised him to keep the PC turned off until I know more about their process.

    Is the main objective of this company to get payments over the phone, or do they install any back door software onto the PC? spyware etc ??




    I had this call, was some asians trying to get card details etc, I didnt instal the software, told the to "go away please very politely" and she rang back and told be to funk off or something???

    Look at this thread on the website Linky

    logmein is a remote viewer im sure so once he is logged in and has allowed them acces they can view anything on his pc. uninstall it asap.

    i know about logmein because it is what me and my mates use to connect to each other on football manager and i am able to browse their files on my pc if they set it to allow me access

    does he remember how long they had access to his computer and if anything showed up on logmein about plugins etc? they could have done anything to his pc when they were logged in
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    If you pull out the ethernet cable or turn off his wireless (or just turn off the router) then you can browse his pc as much as you like, and uninstall etc.

    We got a call once from someone claiming to be from Microsoft I believe - I hung up as soon as I heard the words "pc running slowly" or something to that effect.

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    he said the PC was turned on for around 10 minutes before he turned it off "at the wall" after getting off the call.

    I will remote onto his PC this evening and take a look at if anything has been installed etc..

    I will go take a read of the above link.

    I have had a few of these calls, but i can understand how someone can easily fall for this type of scam, on a postive, he did not give them his card details!!



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    Similar to this?..."scam phone call from Microsoft -not"BFN,fp.


    Right... Just had a chat with him again to re-cap on the process he followed..

    Im thinking he should be safe from the info he has given me.

    In summary
    - They asked him to go into event viewer, view errors etc..
    - Then asked him to go to logmein123 which loaded a few pop windows etc.
    - At this stage, they asked him to enter a 6 digt code or which he did not enter.

    At this point he terminated the call.

    Therefore, as they did not actually enter the code to make a connection, I would think he should be ok as no direct connection was made ???

    Agree ??



    Obvious scammer calls
    Let scammer have access to comp
    Give all details away

    I would save any photo's on the PC & then wipe the hard drive & reinstall windows....Better to be safe than sorry.

    no advice needed, just don't talk to them

    There really is one born every minute!
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