Advice required - all help greately appreciated.

    I'm still searching for a solution, posted a few threads regarding this within the past couple of weeks. Started up a business last week where I need constant access to Ebay, Based in a non cable area I decided against going with BT and went with a Mobile Broadband solution instead, what I found was neither 3 or Vodafone give me any sort of decent connection (Vodafone isnt too bad considering I'm using GPRS).

    So with 3 Mobile Broadband contracts on my name I've decided to go with a landline / broadband option, the cheapest bundle I have found so far is BT at £30-something /pm with a £100+ installation charge.

    We're just a small business with high costs so we'd prefer cost over reliablity to some extent. Would anyone be able to offer me any advice?

    Thanks in advance - Zak.


    BT shouldn't charge you a penny if there is a viable copper pair going to your line from your local BT green cabinet/telephone exchange, however sometimes they do. 0800 800 150 should confirm either way. The catch with BT being it's a 12month contract on the line whether you like it or not.

    Check [url][/url] and [url][/url] to see exactly what is and isn't available in your area.

    I know with Sky and Virgin you have to have a BT line so if you do not have a Landline connection then you may still have to pay BT line rental if you go for one of there packages. I know that with the post office the line rental is included within the package deal. My mom was with post office and never had any problems.…700

    Hope this helps, gook luck

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    I have a BT Phone Socket sitting two feet away from me, obviously it's dead but I would have thought BT would charge me a maximum of £20 as a connection fee. Samknows reported the following CPs when I searched with my post code:

    Abel Internet
    BT Retail

    BT are doing a deal (see tdays posts) @30 connection fee if u sign 18mth contract, think thats only for line+voice so you can get dsl from any of the others

    Sounds to me like you need you line activating - not a new installation.
    I can't belive BT charge for this as all they do is flick a swicth and hey presto.

    Technically it does require an engineer visit to reconnect you at the cabinet if necessary and call up to activate the line, if there is no physical copper pair for whatever reason though then the charge makes sense to have to hook you trunking/cable wise to your local cabinet.

    But unless that house was lived in by amish people or long term cable users that allowed a line to go into disrepair/get removed, it should have a workable copper pair an engineer can quickly activate.
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