Advice required on buying first laptop


    I'm looking to buy my first laptop. I have alot of experience using PCs at work, but unfortunately I have no idea what specs I should be looking for in a laptop in order to get value for money.

    I have a budget of £400 to include some s/w and anti-virus.

    What type of processor, memory and hard drive should be a minumum?

    The laptop would be for home use for the following:

    -Web browsing & e-mail (wireless connection)
    -Using Microsoft Excel & Access (s/w to be purchased from budget)
    -Storing my music collection
    -Transfering camcorder footage, so firewire port is a necessity.
    -Photo editing
    -Burning CDs and DVDs
    -Connecting to my HD LCD TV

    The laptop isn't going to be used for gaming and size/weight is not a major issue.

    I have only used Windows XP, so am unsure whether I should stick with XP or
    go for Vista since I have read about problems with Vista.

    I would prefer a brand new laptop, but would be interested in refurbished provided there was significant warranty.

    Any pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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