advice required regarding PS4 pro.

    hi guys hope you all doing well . wanted to get your opinion I am looking to buy ps4 pro but I think I can wait a bit as I understand the prices would reduce also as I was looking for the watchdogs 2 bundle which hasn't been announced yet but now I have been told that ps4 pro are being sold out everywhere (amazon news) and if I miss this opportunity I will only be able to get it after Christmas I can wait 5-10 days but not till 2017 .please guys from your experience what can you advise me as I am without a ps4 right now (sold it as had plans for upgrade).


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    thanks in advance also if anyone knows of a cheaper deal than £349 would be great thanks.

    If you can't wait until 2017, I wouldn't suggest that there's much reason for you to wait at all - it's highly unlikely to drop significantly in price until later in 2017, at the earliest.

    You might get the odd 5 or 10 quid reduction before xmas but if you're looking for a hefty price cut for the pro then it will next year.

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    OK thanks guys for your advice .

    Im waiting for a bundle personally amazon and tesco had one for 350 with a game the other day but it sold out fast.

    Shopto do create your own bundles and when I added Dishonored 2 It discounted the game to 20 quid. Making It 369 really.

    Only bundle I have personally seen currently available.
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