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Posted 28th Feb
Hi, I got to australia next week, and currently am with giffgaff who won't allow any roaming/texts/calls to come out of my plan like other providers do, I'll be charged a crazy rate.

I'm looking for a sim i can do a one off payment for and get x-amount of gb roaming, and maybe a few calls texts for emergencies.

I've googled and tried to research but struggling to find a straight answer so seeking advice.

Which sim card can I use, with what package, that'll allow me to use abroad?
Thanks in advance
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Your best bet is Three PAYG sim card - just buy add-on with the required data and off you go
Three, go on uswitch and get 8gb for £8, twelve month contract. I was in aus and nz last year and you can use your contract, no problem. It was the same in most of South America as well
Ah thanks guys for your help, will have a look into Three
3 PAYG Aus roaming = max 12GB within any 30day period, but pricing of bundle packages suggests more appropriate to consider 10GB data + unlim calls + txts to / from UK for no more than one-off £15 bundle, although you can buy a SIM+samebundle for less than that from Amazon/ebay making sure that you can control when the 30day bundle starts.
Or you could start with the freebie 3 Data Reward sim that comes with monthly free 200MB data and add a £15 10GB unlim calls+txt bundle to it to achieve same result…der…_Up
Or start a 3 contract, but if you're happy with GG then taking a credit check hit just for initial one-off roaming benefit seems kinda nutz.
All above should be OK for max 28day continuous Aus visit if timed correctly to activate SIM and / or bundle immediately prior to visit, but may need careful consideration if more than 28days continuous visit.…lia
i have used 3 payg twice abroad in france, romania hungary and croatia. i can assure you its useless. in theory you are of course dead right, in practise they throttle it to an almost unusable level. my time abroad in total was over 4 weeks and was good for the first hour in france then dropped. maybe giffgaff are better for speeds abroad? personally id go to reddit or other forums. its not the money its the fact you can end up with next to useless internet speeds..
Use 3 or EE. I actually get better signal using 3 outside of the UK than in it lol. My missus uses EE and her signal is great pretty much everywhere.

They both have roaming options which is great!
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