Advice: Thinking of purchasing a Hisense 50A6BGTUK...

Posted 6th Mar 2023 (Posted 2 h, 7 m ago)
As per the title... thinking of purchasing a 50" Hisense TV with the model number 50A6BGTUK from Currys here and through my wife's work scheme she can get 6% off making it a few pennies over £281.

We're not very clued up on the must have's in a TV or on things to avoid. We watch a couple hours in the evening and our son will play his Xbox Series S a handful of times a week. We rarely watch films etc. Just general every day family TV use. Wouldn't use the TV smart features as our viewing is done via the Virgin box & remote.

Would you say this ticks the boxes of what we require from a TV? We'd be upgrading from a 10 year old Panasonic 1080 42" (said we'd upgrade when it finally gives out... but it keeps going!)
Thanks in advance for any reply received.
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    Check if the same model is at Richer Sounds, who'll price match but probably not your wife's 6%. But anything to avoid Currys.

    FWIW, I have a Hisense 55U7 and am overall happy with it. (edited)
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    Just took a look at Richer Sounds. Showing on their site at £299 (same price) and with a free sign up to their VIP club you get a £10 voucher code taking it down to £289. So after accounting for the Currys 6% discount Richer Sounds is £8 more expensive (would in theory be cheaper than Currys if it wasn't for the 6%). I've not used Currys for a while, why are they to be avoided?
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    No experience of that model but...

    I think you would be happy with it given your use case. I tried a Hisense for the bedroom given the positive comments and I've been very happy with it.

    I would probably say keep an eye out for similar Hisense or TCL from somewhere like costco for the 5 year warranty.
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    With many Hisense models you can record Freeview via the usb port if you want it.
    I bought 2 55" models, and we've had no problems so far.
    Have a look to see if Costco are doing it, as your warranty will be better
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    If you just want a 50" TV at low cost then the £249 Sharp from RicherSounds should be fine, if you act promptly.
    1 year manu warranty + up to 6 years statutory premature-failure right.

    Hisense has 2 years manu warranty + statutory, but less likely to have to jump through hoops with RS if issues arise, especially beyond manu wty period.

    RS Sharp 50DJ2K £249 VIP ** IN STORE **…tml

    HUKD member Feb 2023:
    For the price, the image and sound punch well above the price tag... The PlayStation games look fantastic.…068

    Always best to fund a £100+ item purchase with at least 1p paid directly by regulated credit, regardless of merchant (but critical if merchant = Currys).
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    Had this TV since November with no issues at all. We use it for Freesat (cable that used to go into sky box goes directly into the TV) my only gripe with this is that you can only view what is on now and next but not any further. Can't fault the picture or sound and it's great for the Xbox
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