advice wanted...

im debating on what to get to help me lose weight i terms of excersize ...whether to get a rowig machine or a bike??? need to loose about *** stone lol any help would be fabarooney x x x



get some decent trainers first

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get some decent trainers first

got what?

walk thats the best exercise so grab an ipod also and a sensible cut down and it will come off in no time :-)

get a cross trainer, work all your muscles

or walk everywhere



got what?

you need a plan of action

eating intake

and what exercise you want to do just rowing or biking wont be brilliant you need to work on other areas

I hear swimming is very good as it doesn't put any stress on your joints if you are a little overweight. :oops: Sorry. :oops:

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thanks guys 2.5 stone overweight so alot of walking ahead i reakon x


thanks guys 2.5 stone overweight so alot of walking ahead i … thanks guys 2.5 stone overweight so alot of walking ahead i reakon x

1st step dont think about how much you have to lose and just concentrate on losing no matter how much per week ect and good luck i will be joining you on wednesday as i never start a cut down* on mon/tues they never work! :w00t: seriously though they dont for me!

You could get a dog, but only if you have enough time to spend with it too... I hate it when people get dogs and then leave them shut in the house all day and then can't even be bothered to walk them when they get home either.
Anyway, off topic there... since we got a dog it's motivated me to get out more and exercise him, and when you're walking with a dog it doesn't really feel like exercise anymore, especially if you can walk them off the lead somewhere and throw stuff for them to fetch etc. Also, get a pedometer so you can judge better how far you are walking and then try to beat it the next day - I just got one last week and measured how far I usually walk with the dog (around 9000 steps or just over 2 and a half miles approx per day) and now around 4 days later I am up to 14700 steps which is just under 4 and a half miles.... and the dog can't believe his luck
Have also found that (with me anyway) if I walk before each meal I don't feel like eating as much, so don't put as much on my plate anymore... good luck with the weight loss and hope I have been some help.

[FONT='Times New Roman']Get yourself a dog and take it for walks, if you got a slimming world near you join it I can recommend it, took a lot of bottle to go I lost 7 ½ stone in 8 months, yes I was a fat f@@## but I not now [/FONT][FONT=Wingdings][FONT=Wingdings]J[/FONT][/FONT]

A Rower will work a lot fo muscles, giving you a more all round workout. Next best is a cross trainer. Try and vary it with walking and swimming.

Best bet is to try a gym, and get a plan from the experts there, and not have to worry about taking up space at home
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